Registration for Workshop Facilitators may be submitted at any time. Workshops are for 1 hour and will need to be specified if they are for women, teens or maidens. Entry fees will be fully reimbursed in cash following your presentation. Check the program for times and locations to pick up your reimbursement from the treasurer near registration\Goddess Café.

We are interested in workshops that reflect our intent and honored Goddess each year. Focus in these specific areas but not limited to:

Psychic Development Self Healing Cathartic Dance
Sacred Handcrafting Herbal Medicine Expressions in Art
Women’s Mysteries Spiritual Healing Guided Meditations
Moving Meditations/Puja Goddess Lore Astrological Aspects
Healthy Living Community Building Spiritual Songs & Music
Intonations & Chants Charms, Sigils, Mandalas Divination/tools

We want to encourage anyone with experience and dedication to women to share your knowledge with other women that are actively seeking this personal growth. We are always interested in hearing new ideas and learning new concepts that are diverse, empowering and enlightening.

At the festival there will be a temple erected for all to peruse. A sacred space is set for a series of empowerment rituals, and many talented artisan vendors for your shopping pleasure. You will have the opportunity to visit the other workshops, enjoy the talent show and concert, and our keynote speaker. There are also vendor spaces available if you are interested in vending.

A summary of your workshop and a small bio of yourself will be required for the website and brochure. Submissions will be due by July 1. Registration fees are due by August 1. Limited electricity and tables are available if requested in your submission.

We offer a diverse meal plan with both omni and veggie options to delight your palate. Meal plans can be purchased when registering and will be served twice per day. Cabins are available for $20 but need to be reserved early. There is a free shuttle available for all, and structures will be provided for  workshops. Please feel free to pass out business cards and contact information during your workshop.

Our many thanks and blessings,

Gaea Goddess Gathering Workshop Coordinator

Workshop presenters will have their entry fees fully reimbursed following your presentation, are not expected to do Community Service, and may be reimbursed for handouts at the discretion of  Workshop Coordinator.