Community Service

Festival Attendees are expected to participate in 2 hours of Community Time, more is appreciated!

Everyone is required to work community time (except those on a day pass), please sign-up during check-in and honor your commitment. We rely on your participation to help create a smooth running Festival for all.

Silent Auction

Found in a tent near the Goddess Cafe, the silent auction is a fund raiser for GGG, 10% of which goes toward the scholarship fun. Please drop by and bid on items donated from local storeowners and craftswomen. Items will be accepted until Friday morning. The silent auction will end at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. All proceeds go into a GGG fund to be used toward future festivals.


Due to wear and tear on roads, and the limited parking space, driving is prohibited. Once you have unloaded your belongings, please move your vehicle to one of the marked parking areas.  The parking area in front of the main hall/by the dining hall is reserved for staff only, all others will be asked to move.

There is a shuttle available that makes frequent runs up and down the hill for those with special needs (or those who just don’t feel like walking). Please note that the shuttle does not run during rituals.

Bottoms Up Ladies! We will be requiring all staff, members and attendees to wear bottoms at all times when you are in public spaces and in the shower house. We are not asking you to shower in your panties, but we are providing shower curtains separating each shower head. Please ask for consent from your shower partner if you plan to shower with a curtain open. There are no exceptions to this policy and refusal to abide can get you removed from camp with no refunds.


There are several camp sites with fire pits. Please find one of these sites if you plan on having a fire, do not dig or create new fire pits. Portable fire places are allowed.

GGG does not sell firewood, please bring your own.

Amethyst Camp

(more information coming soon)


Refund requests must be submitted in writing by the first day of festival. Refunds will only be issued for registration fees minus a $10.00 processing fee. No refund will be given for merchandise, meal plans or cabin fees. Merchandise can be mailed or sent back with another attendee with notification.

Early Arrivals/Late Departures

Your festival fee only covers camping from noon on Thursday, to noon on Sunday. If you arrive before then, or leave after then you will be subjected to the regular Camp Gaea camping fees and need to pay those through the normal camp methods.


There is an additional $50 registration fee for pets, and immunization records must be provided. Pets must be crated or on a leash at all times. For the safety of our attendees, we reserve the right to ask you to leave if your pet becomes aggressive toward people or other pets.