Rites of Passage

Ceremonies for each are listed below.  All participants will be presented Saturday night before the main ritual. Each person should have at least one sponsor to speak on her behalf during her rite of passage. (No more than 3 sponsors per person please.)  The sponsor should have a gift to bestow on the newly recognized individual representing her life and the new phase she is stepping into. Please sign up during registration for the rite of passage you want to participate in or alert staff upon arriving at camp or as soon as you decide to join. If you do not have a chance to notify someone before the rite of passage, please attend anyway. Prior notification is so we can try to plan accordingly but we will have extra in case!

The Step to Maiden 

The young girl who is ready to step into the role of “Maiden” has discovered she is ready to be her own person, to accept the responsibility for her actions and knows she rules herself in adherence to the Mother’s laws.

The Maiden traditionally associated with youth and puberty is often called the Virgin, The Huntress or the Mistress of the Woodlands.  She is spring, the fresh beginning of all things, the budding strength of Natural Magick, and is a friend and companion to all young creatures.

The Maiden is unique in Herself.  She knows who She is and dreams of the potential for what she can become.

We offer two ritual options:

  1. For younger maidens who have had their first moon cycle, we suggest the Oshaana ceremony. This ceremony places a strong emphasis on the changes in the body with the onset of puberty and guidance of the maiden as she navigates the changes of life towards adulthood.
  2. For older maidens, we suggest the Moonlight ceremony. This ceremony places a strong emphasis on the maiden’s coming into adulthood in our society and her choices and prioritization of herself and how she comes into her own power.

The Step to Mother\Matriarch 

The Maiden who is ready to step into the role of “Mother/Matriarch” has learned the valuable lessons in self-discipline, patience and responsibility. Accepting the commitments of Adulthood, she is ready to give guidance, to nurture and love unconditionally.  She disciplines when necessary and bestows blessings with open hands.

The Mother has no indecision within Her about her abilities.  She knows She is the matrix of all creation, the Keeper of the cycles and seasons.   As the maiden dreams of what She can become, Mother knows exactly what and who she is.

The Matriarch has stepped out of the role of Maiden and has not stepped into the role of Mother for any reason. The Matriarch has not indecision about her abilities and knows what and who she is.

The Step to Crone 

The Mother/Matriarch who is ready to step into the role of “Crone” has the wisdom of experience and is ready to guide us with Her lantern of ultimate truth.

The Crone is the essential Teacher, the key to life, the light within the darkness.  She is vibrant, caring and loving and through Her eyes we can see to the deepest spiritual mysteries.  As the Mother/Matriarch knows who She is and the Maiden what She will become, so the Crone knows what She has been and will be.

Ritual Etiquette

Please refrain from talking above a whisper, eating, drinking and smoking within the circle. If you are late and wish to join the circle, please wait until you are invited to enter. A circle is a religious service. You are welcome to observe quietly if you do not wish to participate. For your comfort bring a chair, and something to drink to be placed outside ritual circle.