Ladies!! It is that time of year where we put out the call for Merchants to participate in our amazing Gaea Goddess Gathering Festival located at our brand new home: 

The Shrine Camp

26920 Shrine Road 

Waynesville, MO 65583

This year’s dates are:

SEPTEMBER 19th-22nd 2024

Please Note

There have been a number of changes as to how we are going about things this year. We are very excited about our new location and the opportunities it is giving us to build our very own Merchants Square!

You must submit a completed Merchant’s form to be placed on the list to vend. This is so we have all your booth information and can give you the best possible spot to fit your needs. This form must include the email you will be using to register as that is how you will be provided a link to register and pay for your site and admission. Spaces larger than 20×20 must have prior approval from the Merchant’s Coordinator ( and will be priced accordingly.


Our booth Prices: 

10’x10’ = $25

20’x20’ = $50

Booth prices are good for the entire weekend and do not include registration fees for you and your guests. Spaces larger than 20×20 need to be discussed with the Merchants Coordinator and will be priced accordingly.  


1. You must have/provide your own booth/tent.

2. You must have a working fire extinguisher in your booth.

3. Spaces are allotted and assigned by the Merchant coordinator. You must set up only in your allocated space.

4. If you have specific special needs with regards to where your space will be located, you must let the coordinator know prior to the festival so we can make every effort to accommodate you.

5. You must mark all your tie downs with some sort of either solar light, glow sticks or very noticeable decoration (let your imagination run wild) for safety reasons. 

Set Up

6. Vendors are responsible for their own set-up and tear-down. Vendors may arrive to set up Thursday morning at 8 a.m. Please refer to our gender policy, which applies after 12:00 noon on Thursday and applies until 12:00 noon on Sunday.

If you must come in on Wednesday, you will need to contact the coordinator prior to arriving. There will be a camp fee charge per person per night of early arrival. There will be no setup available prior to Wednesday morning this year. We will give you an update on this closer to the festival. 


7. There will be the potential for limited spaces with electricity. We will be sending out an email the first week of July regarding this. It will be first come, first serve for those who have already submitted their vending application, and there will be an extra charge.


8. Some booths will have camping space behind the booth. There is also camping very close by so you will still be very close to your booth. Please be respectful of your neighbors.

8.1 Pop-ups, Campers and RV’s will have to be registered separately and park in the designated areas.

8.2 Only solar powered generators are allowed in the merchants area.


9. Please be mindful we are a pack in/pack out event. Any refuse or M.O.O.P. (Matter out of place) left behind at your vending area will result in a $50 fine. If the fine is not reconciled, you will not be invited back as a vendor. Please leave your area the way you found it! This means absolutely no cigarette butts on the ground.


10. No food or drink vending allowed. Those items will be available for purchase at our Kitchen.

11. No selling of alcohol, illicit drugs, fire arms, or items considered illegal in the state of Missouri.

12. We are banning the sale of recreational/medicinal cannabis products at our festival this year as we are still looking into what licenses are required to sell these items legally. CBD products will be allowed with prior approval. 

13. Our gender policy applies on property after 12:00 noon on Thursday and will apply until 12:00 noon on Sunday. Please make plans for set up / tear down accordingly.

14. You will receive an email with your code and link to the registration website to pay for your booth when we receive the completed form below in an email from 

Please submit all questions and concerns regarding vending to

We appreciate all of you and are looking forward to another amazing year!!!

The GGG Merchants Team

Thank you for reading, please continue to the next page for forms.

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