Croning Rite of Passage


Once again we offer the Croning Rite of Passage. It will be held right after Main Ritual and it will be held at Bardic Circle. Those wishing to Crone should consider attending the Crone Workshop “Becoming a Crone,” prior to the Rite of Passage. Check your schedule for workshop times. Those wishing to Crone should also have a sponsor lined up, this is someone who will attend the Croning with you and is willing to speak up for you. This is a chance to give honor to the women who have led us and taught us and shared with us their wisdom. Presenter is Kaithlyn Starwomyn.

Kaithlyn Starwomyn (Bio)

Priestess and Crone, both student and teacher, Kaithlyn Starwomyn has followed a unique path based in Wicca with a mix of Celtic, Nordic and Native American traditions and she shares her wisdom freely. She has been holding sacred space and conducting Rituals for more than 25 years, both public and private. She is a Priestess of the Four Dragons Circle in Mt. Shasta, CA.