The maiden pavilions are meant as a fun, relaxing place for maidens aged 5-17 to meet and hangout.  Maidens can participate in workshops and hang out in Grace Garden. Grace Garden has two spaces 1) filled with purples to highlight the rare power of a young maiden’s free spirit and open heart and 2) filled with reds and oranges to highlight health, vitality, and emotions of our older maidens.  When there are not workshops happening in the pavilion it is open craft and chill time for the girls.

Maidens 18+ can relax and bond in Maiden Meadow. Maiden Meadow is filled with comfy places to sit and beautiful tapestries for young women to enjoy and connect with others in their same stage of life.

The maiden pavilions are staffed by GGG members when possible and community service staff at other times. The tents are meant for maidens who will listen to authority and respect the staff, property, and other maidens.

Staff are not responsible for ensuring maidens stay in Grace Garden or for disciplining themWe expect all maidens to respond to light correction and redirection.  If staff feel that a maiden needs more guidance, a parent or guardian may be called.  Staff at the tent will have access to a walkie talkie at all times to contact emergency staff.


Three Graces
The Three Graces Ritual is designed for our younger maidens.  The three graces were the essence of beauty, charm, and grace.  This ritual is designed to remind our young maidens that they are imbued with the three graces and hold the keys to their own hearts and happiness.

Maiden Rite of Passages

The young girl who is ready to step into the role of ‘Maiden’ has discovered she is ready to be her own person, to accept responsibility for her actions and knows she rules herself.   The Maiden Rite of Passage is open to any young female that has had her first moon cycle or has reached age 14.

Moonlight ceremony
The young women who is ready to accept her place as a Maiden. She is ready to take ownership of her choices as she is considered an adult in our society. She prioritizes herself and is seeking her path to come into her own power.

Maiden Community Service

Part of the mission of the maiden tents is to help the maidens bond and build a sense of community.  We would like all maidens that enjoy the maiden tents to participate in the community service activities when possible.  However, it is required that all maidens who want to attend the sleepover participate in at least one community activity during GGG.  Community service activities include, but are not limited to, taking ice to vendors and GGG areas twice a day and setting up, serving, and cleaning up after the tea party.

 Maiden Sleepover

The maiden sleepover begins an hour after the conclusion of the main ritual. The maidens will be led from circle to Grace Garden where they will have a campfire with hotdogs and s’mores.  The girls will then gather in the tent for games, singing, story time, and general fun. We ask that only girls 8 and older stay for the entire evening. Girls should bring their own sleeping items which include a blanket or sleeping bag, shoes, and warm sleeping attire.  Sleeping items can be dropped off at the tent before main ritual. Breakfast will be provided Sunday morning.

If you have questions or need additional information about the maiden’s tents please contact:

Conswelia @