If it’s your first time joining us it might help to know ~

Your registration covers tent camping at our facility.  Gardens and secluded areas provide quiet places for meditation or simple relaxation. There is plenty of wooded area to explore.

Weather is an important factor at GGG. It is September and the weather can be hot, cold, or raining. Before you come out, check the local weather for Waynesville. Being prepared for all weather we suggest being prepared to dress in layers Rain is in class of it’s own out here and water resistance will not work. Bring waterproof jacket/coat with a hood, rain poncho, waterproof shoes or boots, lots of socks, and an umbrella.

Other things to consider bringing: a camping chair that you can carry around for the workshops, Rituals and Fire Circle; a flashlight, extra batteries, a water bottle, sun screen, bug spray, a tote bag, snacks, drums or rattles, pens and a small writing book, Ritual and fire dancing clothes, and your legal ID for registration. If you have a meal plan; bring a plate, cup, bowl, fork, knife, spoon and a bag to put your things in after you have washed your dishes.

Tent camping for rain and/or cold. Bring a blanket to put over the top of your tent with a rain cover on top of the blanket. Bring a tarp that will almost cover all of your tent and don’t forget extra stakes. For the inside of your tent, bring enough blankets to able to put 2 or 3 on you air mattress under you and on top of you.

GGG Staff wishes for you to have a wonderful Spiritual and Fun time at the Festival.