Available areas to help with. If you have talked to someone to work with specifically and do not know the chair area, please supply their name as your first choice.

    Chairs to work with:
    Crones ~ Assist with Croning Ritual.
    Entertainment ~ Assist with set up and tear down of Pavilion.
    Fires ~ Assist with building and tending of fires, as well as daily clean up and set up as needed.
    First Aide ~ Assist with any medical emergencies.
    Goddess Café ~ Assist with sales of products in Café, as well as helping set up and tear down.
    Maidens ~ Assist with Maidens programs and Ritual.
    Merchants ~ Assist with placement and aiding Merchants.
    Mothers ~ Assist with Mothering Ritual.
    Registration/Community Service ~ Assist in on-site Registration process.
    Ritual ~ Assist with preparation and participation as required.
    Site/Sanitation ~ Assist with set up and tear down of infrastructure, as well as cleaning of Portas as needed and cleaning of Bathhouse.
    Security ~ Assist with front gate monitoring.

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    Please select up to 3 committees that you are interested in volunteering with:


    Every GGG member is required to contribute a minimum of 15 hours of work for one or more of our committees during Festival. You need to choose which committee(s) you are willing to participate in; the committees are listed below. Print your choices in order of preference as indicated. Every attempt will be made to assign you to the committee of your first choice, but assignments will be made on the basis of whether or not that committee still has room for additional members. Committee Heads will get final say on who is and is not on their committees.

    I wish to be a Member of Gaea Goddess Gathering. I agree to pay the annual membership dues of $25 and agree to perform my 15 hours to earn my membership spot. The minimum of 15 hours has been or will be arranged through the chair head I am working with. I have read and agree to the terms stated above. By clicking on the Submit button below you agree that this form is your electronic signature for this membership contract.