Merchant Goddess: Urban Crone

Important information for merchants:

  • Vending spaces will be assigned. This is to maximize space and to make for a more enjoyable shopping experience.
  • Setting up your booth in the merchant circle before festival is not allowed without permission from Urban Crone.
  • In order to appear in the brochure, you need to email Laurie with the name of your booth and a description of your merchandise before the end of July. (Hit the submit Merchant button below after reading the guidelines!)

Vending Guidelines:

  1. When you set up your booth/camp, We encourage you to snuggle up to your neighbors from south to north, that way the shopping goddesses don’t feel like they have to walk so far to see your wares and it makes for a more cohesive shopping experience for all.
  2. Merchants are responsible for their own set-up and tear-down, but if you need assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to let any of the Sisterhood of the Silly know and we will do our best to help.
  3. Merchants will be able to arrive after 10:00am on Wednesday.
  4. All merchant booths are required to have a fire extinguisher.
  5. If you want to set up next to someone special, please make arrangements among your group in advance and arrive together if possible.
  6. Fire pits are available all around. Feel free to bring a stand-alone fire pit if you like. GGG will have firewood for sale.
  7. Please leave your space as nice as you found it (or nicer!). We love the land and we all want it to continuing loving us. If you smoke, please do not under any circumstances throw cigarette butts on the ground or in the fire pits.
  8. Don’t forget, we will be in Missouri in September, there is no telling what sort of weather that the Goddess will bless us with, so be prepared for anything from heat to cold to wind to rain, sometimes all in the same day.
  9. Merchants must pre-register. There is no merchant registration at the gate.
  10. This is the most important rule to being a Merchant at GGG –  Have fun!

Staff reserves the right to add to, subtract from, or otherwise re-evaluate the Merchant Rules at any time so that we provide a safe, happy, and fun experience for both merchants and attendees.