GGG 2020 News

Warmest greetings from the GGG Staff! We hope you and your loved ones have fared well during the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m sure you ladies have been anxiously awaiting to see what the future holds for this year’s festival. We have decided, with the unknown availability of Camp Gaea in September and to ensure everyone’s safety as well, we will be holding a virtual GGG for 2020!

We will still be honoring Iyatiku (Ee-yah-tay-koo) as our chosen Goddess this year and our theme will still be ‘Dancing in the bounty of our sisterhood’ 

Each registrant will receive an all access pass with instructions to our 4 days of festival via email once the entry fee is paid. She will also be mailed a packet filled with everything she will need for fest. We will have upgrades available for extras such as the merchandise that we will have listed as an option on your registration. These items can be shipped to you before fest begins so you can have them during fest (along with a few small gifts). Those items will still be available during fest to be shipped after. There will still be:



Fire Side Chats 


Main Speaker

Virtual Temple

Rites of Passages 

Goddess Cafe Virtual Lobby We keep adding things every day! Please be patient as we get everything set up and ready! More information will be forthcoming as we go