Keynote Speaker ~ Marilyn Evans & Guest Speaker ~ Star Thomas-Wyse

Marilyn J. Evans was born in Chillicothe, Missouri. She has lived in Kansas City, Missouri, since 1972 except for two years (2003-2005) when she lived in southern England. For twenty years, she worked in research laboratories studying human autoimmune diseases, and for the next twenty, as a regulatory auditor for the pharmaceutical and biologics industries. She has retired from the sciences to devote her time to writing. Her first book, Beloved Lives, a paranormal romantic suspense novel, was published in 2018. Her novella, Wasting Water, will appear in the anthology, Undeniable: Writers Respond to Climate Change, to be published in the coming year by Alternating Current Press. She currently is working on a paranormal mystery series and other projects.

Marilyn has been a Wiccan priestess since 1985. She was one of the founders of the Heartland Pagan Festival and served as the president of the Council of the South Wind for two years. For seven years, she served as editor for the regional Pagan magazine, The Rune, for which she also wrote the column “The Crone’s Corner” under the name She-Wolf. She has been an elder or founder of several covens and, for over thirty years, has taught classes on Wicca, paranormal phenomena, and various comparative religious topics.

Although she no longer fox hunts, Marilyn will ride a horse at the least provocation. She lives with her husband, two cats, and a garden, all of whom have their own opinions.


Star Thomas-Wyse is a hands-on healer with over 40 years of experience with a toolkit that includes many modalities: Quantum Heart Alignment, Massage, Reiki, Flowtrition, Access Consciousness BARS, and Magdalen’s Touch,. I also have a deep passion for aromatherapy and I practice AromaAlchemy in some of my healing work.

As a licensed minister and wiccan high priestess, I have experience creating and leading ritual and life passages. I have facilitated classes and gently coached people through important life journeys/transitions. One of my greatest privileges was to walk the end of life journey with both my parents which prepared me to support people dealing with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and the end of life journey.

I have lived abroad and been blessed to travel a large portion of the world meeting people and stretching my capacity to love. Everywhere I’ve traveled, whether somewhere on the planet or in to the depths of my inner landscape, I have emerged with a deeper understanding of the immense beauty life holds and a renewed desire to help people see that beauty within and without.