GGG 2021 Speaker: Iya Osundara Ogunsina

Iya Osundara Ogunsina, affectionately known as “Bruja Banton” on social media, is a native
New Yorker of Jamaican descent, currently residing in Baltimore.
She came into tarot after actively exploring different forms of spirituality and wanting to
strengthen her connection with the Divine and her own intuition. Using her own
experiences with divination, she aims to provide guidance that empowers and encourages
clients to have greater self awareness and accountability.
Her journey led her to practicing the African Traditional Religion of Ifa/Isese and becoming
initiated to Osun in 2019. Under the guidance of her godmother, Iyanifa Olori Oyadele Ogunsina, she learned to make spiritual baths to encourage further healing and prosperity
to her clients.

She will be bringing those special baths with to GGG for purchase! Description of them and pricing below.

Bath Descriptions
All baths are 8oz and can be split into two baths
1. Cleansing
a. This live bath can be used to clean yourself of any unwanted energy and
give yourself a spiritual reset.
b. Price – $40
2. Protection
a. Protection work is one of the ways we can be proactive about our spiritual
protection. Use this live bath to help protect yourself from
negative/unwanted energies.
b. Price – $35
3. Prosperity
a. It’s great for entrepreneurs looking to increase business/sales, those in the
job hunting/interviewing process, sex workers, or those who need a little
oomph of abundance in their lives.
b. Price – $42
4. Road Opener
a. Road opener is the perfect bath for those who feel that despite their best
efforts, there’s still one obstacle after another. This bath will clear the
roads to let the blessings flow in.
b. Price – $40
5. Cord Cutting/Uncrossing
a. Both Cord Cutting and Uncrossing baths are for those who are serious
about starting a clean slate. It is to help assist with cutting
energetic/spiritual ties with relationships/habits that no longer serve you.
b. Cord Cutting contains black walnut, so purchase Uncrossing if you have
tree nut sensitivity/allergy
c. Price – $65